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Frank Grullon | Madison

Voice-Backing Vocals

Genres: Classical, Dance/Techno/Electronica, Indie Rock, Metal, Modern "Alternative", New Age, Progressive, Rock/Pop General, Too cool to be categorized

I have been playing for 9+ years. I did a year of music in college and continue self study to this day, learning orchestration, advanced skills, jazz theory & improvisation, etc. I am a big fan of all rock, including progressive bands (Dream Theater, Symphony X, Rush), instrumentalists (Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Joe Satriani), Modern rock (Linkin Park, Evanescence, Metallica), Power Metal/Regular Metal (Blind Guardian, Kamelot, Iron Maiden, Megadeath, Fear Factory), and electronica (Cell Dweller, Tony Verdarosa, Van Dyke, Paul Oakenfold, etc). My last band was a hybrid techno/electronics mixed with hard rock sound. I am looking to make new melodic hard rock. I do NOT want to be an 80s rehash. I am looking for people who are SERIOUS about making good music and are DEDICATED (I am available after 5 on weekedays and all day on the weekends).

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