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Todd Lorenz | Fitchburg

Bass Guitar-Electric Intermediate
Guitar-Acoustic Pro
Guitar-Electric Intermediate
Voice-Backing Vocals Intermediate
Voice-Lead Intermediate

Genres: Blues, Folk, Rock/Pop General, Something Else

While I understand this is my calling card/promotional tool and most use their bio page to make themselves sound like the Second Coming, the truth is that I’m tired of that. Essentially, I’m a songwriter/singer/guitarist/voice over artist who just tries to be as honest as possible with his own material. However, I do have a few accomplishments of which I am reasonably proud:

  • only solo act to make the finals of the Arizona Blues Showdown in 2000

  • Song of the Year Suggested Artist in 12/2008 

  • opened for/performed with Dan Navarro and Guy Davis 

  • opened for Fruteland Jackson shared a stage with John Statz 

  • played the part of Jacob Marley and read the closing credits in a radio version of “A Christmas Carol”

I have a number albums available. I spent a lot of time writing and performing solo acoustic blues and also worked in elements of rock, folk, and country, but my latest collection features mostly full band arrangements. I play all the instruments, aside from drums, for which I used prerecorded drum loops.

I grew up in Calexico, a small California town on the Mexican border about an hour away from Arizona. I have also lived in San Diego CA, Morgantown WV, Phoenix AZ and Madison WI. I currently live about an hour south of Madison near Monroe, WI. I am available for bookings in my general area, meaning about a six hour drive my home. I am willing to go beyond that under the right circumstances. 

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