Musician profile: slugDrivers

Member since: January 8, 2011 | Last updated: January 8, 2011

Fred Slug | Madison

Bass Guitar-Electric
Voice-Backing Vocals

Genres: Blues, Country, Indie Rock, Modern "Alternative", Oldies: 50s-70s, Rock/Pop General, Something Else


Who we are:

-We have two more of these ham sandwiches and we are

willing to share them.

-This is just an introduction. An intro. In vitro.

-It's Saturday. It has been all week.

-It's alliterative to slime through a sagging gate

with a goat. Get going.

-See that penny over there? It's not lost. It's


Who we are not:

-We loved that smaltzy-pop-mom-and-pop-soda-pop-bottle-pop pop so

much last night, we can't listen to it anymore.

-Lilting, tilting, smelting harmonies are grayer than

they look; and more meaningless than ever.

-It's a one-room inefficiency. We can't disband. We

still have softsoap boxes - they're full.

-Slugs have no teeth. It's just the retort that's


We'll be at the Anchor Inn on February 11th.

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