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Bert Bluel | Madison

Bass Guitar-Acoustic
Bass Guitar-Electric
Drum Kit
Hand Percussion
Voice-Backing Vocals

Genres: Modern "Alternative", Punk/Hardcore, Rap, Rock/Pop General, Ska

My name is Bert Bluel. I have been playing drums for about 9 years, guitar for about 4, and bass for about 3. I can also play (very) basic keyboards and I am a decent singer. I don't have my own drumset (I live in an apartment) but if you have drums and you need someone to play them, that's me. As for guitar and/or bass, I don't have much in the way of amplification (only a couple practice amps) but I am stockpiling money to get a nice big amp. Some of my favorite bands (for the moment) are Bad Religion, Reel Big Fish, Zebrahead, The Vandals, The Aquabats, The Forces of Evil, Alice Cooper, Kottonmouth Kings (I don't smoke weed, though, so go figure), but if you ask me in an hour, that would probably be different. Email me if you're interested.

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