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Jason Olah | Madison, Campus/Downtown

Bass Guitar-Electric Beginner
Guitar-Acoustic Expert
Guitar-Electric Expert
Voice-Backing Vocals Intermediate
Voice-Lead Intermediate

Genres: Folk, Modern "Alternative", Oldies: 50s-70s, Rock/Pop General

Supports: Songwriter, Lyricist, Teacher

Hi, I'm 23 and have been playing guitar for about 9 years, have been singing for about 5, and am a very devoted musician.  I'm currently a music major with a business emphasis at Edgewood College.

I am available for shows public and private.  My current set is running a good half hour of original songs with more always on the way.  I am a solo act: just me, my guitar, and good music.

My songwriting influences come from musicians like JET, Cat Stevens, The Beatles, and Nirvana.  I almost always play on an acoustic for the songs I write.

I can read both sheet music and tabs. I've played in groups before, performed in the Fab 50's Show in the Dells, with the band Being Humans, and also for the Wisconsin Singers at UW Madison.

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