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Ken Keeley | Cottage Grove

Bass Guitar-Acoustic Pro
Bass Guitar-Electric Pro
Bass-Upright Intermediate
Guitar-Acoustic Intermediate
Voice-Backing Vocals Intermediate

Genres: Folk, Funk, Indie Rock, Modern "Alternative", Rock/Pop General, Ska, Something Else, Too cool to be categorized, World Beat/Ethnic

Interested in a collaborative approach to making music, topical lyrics and performing in alternative venues. Not too keen on the cover band thing, though open to the occasional quirky or unique cover. Enjoy a wide range of music...but pop-country, classic rock and heavy metal are not my thing. Located near east side Madison.

Extensive playing experience in a broad spectrum of projects, and am laid back and easy to work with. In addition to full band projects, I'd consider collaborative partnerships with songwriters with the intent to build an interesting project. While studio work and woodshedding are fine as a means to an end, I'm truly motivated by live performance and entertaining the masses.

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