Musician profile: jasonm

Member since: January 8, 2011 | Last updated: January 8, 2011

Jason Meland | Madison

Voice-Backing Vocals
Woodwinds-Clarinet, Oboe, etc.

Genres: Blues, Folk, Funk, Indie Rock, Jazz, Modern "Alternative", Progressive, Rock/Pop General

I've been playing piano/keyboards for 12 years, acoustic and electric guitar for 3, and alto sax for 6. I'm really into a Dave Matthews/James Taylor/Jack Johnson/Raul Midon kind of sound, but rock, jazz, blues, pretty much anything except metal works. I ultimately would love for music to be my job, and I'm willing to work hard towards that goal. I'm currently a sophomore at UW, and I'm looking to branch out either by myself or with a band. I'm also writing songs in my free time. If your interested or just want someone to jam with, shoot me an email. Thanks.

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