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john jacobs | Madison

Voice-Backing Vocals

Genres: Blues, Jazz, Latin, New Age, Rock/Pop General, World Beat/Ethnic

I'm a singer and guitarist, working primarily in jazz and blues these days. Performing about twice a month with another guitarist, sometimes a percussionist. Mostly electric, though my roots are in acoustic guitar. Play some Latin and R&B, and lots of originals, in styles ranging from jazz to folk to rock and roll and gospel. Cover material ranges from Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Patsy Kline to Creedence Clearwater, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Beatles, and James Taylor. I'm not interested in ear-blasting guitar amps, or overdriven P A systems. Had enough of that in the past. I am interested in co-writing, co-producing, bringing some fresh energy to the music scene. In duo, trio, or full band, I want every band member to shine, to share their best talents.

I really love danceable music-- latin, reggae, swing, R & B, or good old Beach Boys type rock and roll. Looking for singers to do harmonies, counterpoint, or crazy improvization. Looking for bassist and guitarist to create new forms of music. I want to take in all kinds of new influences from around the globe, and create a really good vibe.

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