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Member since: January 8, 2011 | Last updated: January 8, 2011

Dan Richwalski | Madison

Voice-Backing Vocals

Genres: Dance/Techno/Electronica, Indie Rock, Metal, Progressive, Punk/Hardcore, Rock/Pop General, Something Else, Too cool to be categorized

hi i'm a sewer dwelling, rat eating,vaugely industrial experimental musician.

i've been musically inclined as long as i can remember, i was in choir

in elementry school and played some piano(which frankly i forgot, who cares about row row row your boat anyway?). I've picked up a good ear along the way, which frankly i use more than musical notation. i later began playing guitar in roughly 2004 but only really started playing seriously around spring of 2006.Since then i've been trying to define my own sound, and learning how to play harmonica,but that didn't take very long anyway.

(currently re-learning keys)

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