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Bruce Johnson | Oregon

Other Instrument
Other Stringed-Mandolin, Lute, etc.
Strings-Violin, Cello, etc.
Voice-Backing Vocals

Genres: Classical, Country, Dance/Techno/Electronica, Folk, Indie Rock, Modern "Alternative", New Age, Religious, Rock/Pop General, Something Else, Too cool to be categorized

What to say when you've got varied musical tastes and interests floating in your head all at once. I guess that's what a masters degree in music theory does to a man.

Today I consider myself first and foremost a composer. I compose in a variety of styles. From organum to digitronica, I find it all fascinating. I've had works performed on WORT here in Madison, and last year wrote vocal settings of several peace prayers for a performance at Edgewood. Party tricks? I can compose a two-part invention most classical music lovers would swear was written by Bach. I suppose I am 'best known' as a vocal composer -- I would love to compose some music for local choirs!

I'd also love to play in a string quartet again (I am a decent violist and violinist, played section/asst principal in a couple of real live professional orchestras woohoo) -- so PLEASE get in touch about that too. The Grieg g minor, Shostokovich 8. *sigh* Even another string player to sight read duets with once in a while would be great.

Also a good and patient violin/viola/keyboard teacher.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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