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Member since: January 8, 2011 | Last updated: February 8, 2011

Kevin Kersting | Prairie du Sac

Bass Guitar-Electric Intermediate
Drum Kit Pro
Guitar-Acoustic Intermediate
Guitar-Electric Intermediate
Voice-Backing Vocals Pro
Voice-Lead Expert

Genres: Metal, Progressive, Rock/Pop General

Supports: Live Engineer, Studio Engineer

I have been playing drums & bass since high school, oh... 25 years ago or so. I dropped out of music for about 15 years and about 12 years ago got the bug back. Since then I've been going balls out. I was in a rock cover band in the Black River Falls area for about 3 years called KriticalMass. I also handled the sound system, which I still own.

I like to have fun with the stuff I play and not really interested in doing original material.

I can also hold my own on some simple guitar.

I own 3 complete drum kits, 2 bass guitars, 5 electric guitars & 2 acoustic/electric including a 12 string Washburn. I've got 2 complete 24 channel pa systems, a nice bass rig, a Carvin/Crate amp half stack, a Carvin XT112 half stack & various other nice toy's. I can also record a live sessions.

I'm currently in 2 bands in the Reedsburg Wi. area. I'm drumming/back up vocals for Sonic Rush, (www.sonic-rush.com) & drums/lead-backing vocals for Mysterious Roy.

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