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Peter Mathews | Madison


Genres: Indie Rock, Modern "Alternative", Rock/Pop General

One of my first toys was a drum and sticks that were given to me on my second birthday. My grandmother bought it for me because I use to bang on pots and pans and just about everything else with spoons... full bio located at www.petermathews.com

I know a lot of people who started playing guitar, piano or started singing at age five or eight years old and as adults do nothing with their gift. I started playing bass drum and triangle in 9th grade.

Recently I just became sick of not recording the music that had be flying around in my head and figured it was time to let it out. The four song multimedia EP ($5 on website) that was released 10.18.03 is a combination of ideas that have grown over the last year and a half. Six months ago I decided to take it beyond the hobby stage and go for it. We are now a band of four musicians whit a variety of talents that we each bring to the table. Our next feat is to tour and record another six to eight songs for the full length CD tentatively called

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