Musician profile: Laurence

Member since: April 3, 2017 | Last updated: April 3, 2017

Laurence Bricker | Madison, Campus/Downtown

Bass Guitar-Acoustic Intermediate

Genres: Indie Rock

Supports: Songwriter, Live Engineer, Producer

Music is a labor of love for me. Working in my home studio on a couple dozen original songs.  I have been making media commercially for a long time and now have focussed my energy on music recording. I have been playing music since high school and have always wanted to record.

I have been writing and producing songs, mostly in the rock or indie rock genres, and have a number of originals. I am looking for collaborators to work with me on refining the recordings - particularly need help with lyrics and singing, but all creative collaboration is welcome.

I don't have any current music to link to, the work is not ready to show - but I would like to meet up with you, play you my stuff and see if you are inspired to contribute.