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Erik Wells | Monona

Bass Guitar-Acoustic
Bass Guitar-Electric
Drum Kit
Voice-Backing Vocals

Genres: Blues, Dance/Techno/Electronica, Funk, Indie Rock, Jazz, Metal, Modern "Alternative", Oldies: 50s-70s, Progressive, Punk/Hardcore, Rock/Pop General, Too cool to be categorized

I have been involved in writing/playing for almost 20 yrs. I would consider myself versatile - play guitar, bass, drums, keys and can sing. Interested in new sounds, particularly fusing acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Live show and studio experience in the Madison area. Remember the Chamber, O'Cayz and the Club De Wash? These are the places I grew up in. Influences include a wide variety of music from Reggae to Techno and everywhere in between. Prefer writing/improvising originals but covers can be fun. Looking to meet musicians of all backgrounds for projects or working gigs. If the music is more important to you than money, then you are the type of person I want to meet. Drop me a line to exchange ideas.

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