Musician profile: DavidJohnUlma

Member since: January 28, 2017 | Last updated: January 28, 2017

David Ulma | Fitchburg

Guitar-Acoustic Intermediate
Voice-Lead Intermediate

Genres: Folk, Modern "Alternative", New Age, Something Else

Supports: Songwriter, Lyricist

Hi! I have been playing guitar since age 15 and have written songs that I would want to hear.  My voice can cover deep lows as well as very high notes, so my songs reflect this; kind of alt-folk-rock.  My favs are Jeff Buckley and Pete Yorn but the Moody Blues have had a great influence on me as well.

I've recently recorded my stuff in two different studios, but want to fill things out with like-minded musicians.  I have been told that I am marketable, but a group of guys would make a great 'sounding board' and I might actually inspire someone also.

Soooooo, here goes! Dreams do come true!

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