Music instruction: Judith McNeil

Last updated: May 4, 2012

Judith McNeil | Madison | East

  • Keyboard-Piano
  • Keyboard-Synthesizer
  • Voice-Backing Vocals
  • Voice-Lead

musician, music teacher, singer-songwriter

Genres: Blues, Classical, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Modern "Alternative", Reggae, Rock/Pop General, Something Else, World Beat/Ethnic

Judith (Jay) McNeil is a teacher and professional musician, singer-songwriter, trained as a classical pianist/musician, with a BA in Music Education. She has taught piano and beginning voice for over 30 years to people of various ages from 5 years to adult, in venues such as park and recreation programs, after school programs and theatre school programs in Los Angeles, Seattle and Minneapolis, with group and individual lessons. In addition, she has been the music director for theatre camps for children.

Judith's teaching methods focus on the individual progress, even in group classes. She uses a variety of method books, implemented by classical, popular and jazz material, piano and vocal exercises, and emphasizes the interpretation of whatever music is being performed. Usually, there are recitals for the students either in a public venue or in a student's home. If students play other instruments, they are encouraged to perform those in the recital, as well, or in an ensemble.

Piano lessons include training in technical aspects of playing, learning notation, rhythm, interpretation, performance. Voice lessons include technical and physical aspects of singing, interpretation, enunciation, performance.

She also offers classes in songwriting.

Contact Information

Neighborhood: East
Madison, WI 53714

Phone: 608-512-6507


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