Music instruction: Mike Scheibinger

Last updated: June 29, 2016

Mike Scheibinger | Cottage Grove

  • Guitar-Acoustic
  • Guitar-Electric
  • Voice-Lead

Learn Guitar at VertuStudio

Genres: Blues, Fusion, Progressive, Reggae, Rock/Pop General, Something Else, Too cool to be categorized

With years of experience in the classroom, on stage, and in the studio, Mike Scheibinger (B.Ed) at VertuStudio maintains a small roster of students interested in learning how to play guitar. Individualized instruction is provided at VertuStudio, a music and sound production facility located in the Cottage Grove countryside.

We understand the initial challenges faced by the beginner, as well as the nuances that go into more advanced playing. We take great care in making sure that beginners learn how how to string, tune (not as easy as it looks!), and maintain their instruments. Intermediate and skilled players can learn a host of practical pop and rock guitar playing conventions that generalize easily and contribute to becoming a well-rounded player.

Lessons at VertuStudio often include creating high-quality recordings that provide great feedback and inspiration to students. Our recordings are completely professional, they sound radio-ready terrific, and they’re highly motivating for all students. This instant-feedback part of the lesson plan makes VertuStudio the perfect choice for students who wish to use the guitar to accompany their own voices. Of course, the process also teaches recording studio techniques and routines by osmosis - very helpful to be familiar with in today's do-it-yourself music culture.

Learning how to play rock and pop guitar has always been about emulating and learning the music we love the most, and then using it as a stepping stone to finding our own voices. Students at VertuStudio learn how to play their music of choice - adapted to suit the beginner, and then calibrated to suit students’ increasing skill levels. At every stage, we always make sure to branch out with creative play and explain how what we’ve learned can be used right away to make something entirely fresh.

Try a few lessons at VertuStudio and immerse yourself immediately in a recording studio environment, learning and recording at the same time right from the start. There’s no substitute for real-world experience, and this experience is a part of what makes learning at VertuStudio both valuable and unique.

Contact Information

Cottage Grove, WI 53527

Phone: 608-335-9809



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