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Hello i am a singer songwriter from NY and i am making a move to Australia in the near future.I am a singer with a Unique talent i can sound like anyone. i have been in music for 20 years + and i do not see the opportunity here in the USA. i have done musicals like the Phantom of the Opera and Currently i have a metal opera project. The Project is AngelusLucifer, of which i am Lucifer; it is my view of the story of the first angel, the creator of Music. i use a mixture of Progressive Dark Metal and Gregorian style singing. my stage concept is i wear a hooded cloak with gigantic black wings. no one ever sees my face. my to be wife that i am trying to get to in Australia is an opera singer and she joins me in many songs. this music has never been presented before and i feel it can take the world by storm. I do not drink or take drugs, which can pose problems in breaking bands up, so would be reliable, as well as multi talented. Looking for any interest from a recording contract, to voiceover acting to video game music movie soundtracks, i can do anything , to complete my full potential. I am a crossover musician bringing many genres of music together to make everyone feel that they are part of my vision . There is no high pitches or lows i cant do i also sing opera
Here is a link to my music on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/angelus-lucifer

and youtube link

Including talking about my vision:

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Hello i am a singer songwriter from NY and i am making a move to Australia in the near future.I…

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